There's no question that energy conservation is important in so many ways. Whether your goal is to lower down your utility bills and save money or to play your part in protecting the environment, Absolute Electrical Contracting & Design can help you meet your savings goals.


First, we'll visit your home or office/commercial site and perform an energy audit. Then, one of our expert electricians will put together a plan that incorporates options for electrical upgrade and smart home controls systems, payment and work schedules. 

If you keep on having high energy bills or want to become "greener," contact us today and start reducing your electricity consumption at home or at the office!


If you're a homeowner, we can help you reduce those high utility bills by upgrading your:

  • Lighting to LEDs

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Installation

Our team has extensive experience in powering:

  • Energy Star Models

  • Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems

  • Smart Home Control Systems



If you're a developer, owner of a commercial office space or business owner, we can help you reduce those high utility bills and make your business "green" and "socially conscious" by upgrading your:

  • Lighting to LEDs

  • Installing Smart Control Systems 

  • Installing Energy Saving Lighting Control Systems

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Installations

  • Parking lot lighting to LEDs

  • Outdoor lighting to LEDs


Whatever your energy savings needs, our team will provide your home or commercial property with the power it needs, along with energy efficiency financing expertise and other renewable energy information. Call or email us at anytime to receive your free project estimate and start to become more green for your family and/or your customers!

We Specialize In Energy Savings Solutions For Home, Office & Business:

  • LED Lighting 

  • EV Charging Station Installations

  • Smart Control Systems

  • Office Lighting Design

  • Parking Lot Lighting

  • Small Business Solutions

Contact Us to Learn More About Energy Saving Solutions and Get a Free Estimate!